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EkoNiva confirms its title of Russia's most attractive employer in the agricultural sector

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EkoNiva Group, the largest dairy holding in the country, has received the HR Talent Award and is thus rated as the most attractive employer in the Russian agricultural sector for the second year in a row. The ranking of the best employers is based on the results of an annual online survey prepared by ANCOR, an international staffing group, the Russia-Land of Opportunities platform and Romir research holding.

The large-scale study involved over 21,000 Russians, of whom more than 80% are engaged in the commercial sector of the economy. They evaluated upwards of 500 large businesses with 1,000 employees or more. The final ranking comprised 277 companies from 13 industries.

EkoNiva took first place among the representatives of the farming sector, successfully outperforming seven other companies. Its HR brand appeal exceeded 51%, while the brand awareness was 12%.

‘The awareness of EkoNiva Group's employer brand is backed by the company’s strong brand image, high quality of its products and services and its significant role in the professional community. For several years, the HR departments related to three business areas – agricultural production, milk processing, farm machinery dealership – and the holding's management have been actively working towards enhancing the company's attractiveness as an employer and its competitive edges in the job market. And these joint efforts are surely paying off despite the overall challenges of positioning enterprises in agribusiness as compared to other sectors. However, we are not going to rest on our laurels – we strive to further improve our employees’ working conditions in order to attract and retain the best and strongest in the team. Again, the staff is our core value and capital’, says Tatyana Lyapina, Deputy Director General for Human Resources at EkoNiva-APK Holding.

In 2023, EkoNiva was also recognised as the most attractive employer in the agricultural sector following the same survey. Back then, the Group's brand appeal exceeded 45%.