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EkoNiva-Semena holds Field Day in Siberia

News, Friday, 05 August 2022

EkoNiva’s seed growing and plant breeding division has hosted the Field Day on the premises of Sibirskaya Niva – one of the largest enterprises of the company. Over 120 agricultural producers from Siberia and the Urals as well as farmers from nearly all regions of Kazakhstan took part in the festival.

Harvesting campaign starts in EkoNiva’s Siberian enterprises

News, Thursday, 04 August 2022

Harvesting campaign starts in EkoNiva’s Siberian enterprises

EkoNiva Group, the largest dairy holding in Russia, has started reaping cereals in Altai area and Novosibirsk oblast. Favourable weather conditions and the degree of crop ripeness allowed combines to get down to business in the fields as early as in late July, so the harvesting campaign started ahead of schedule. So far, 1,100 ha of winter wheat and 250 ha of peas have been gathered.

EkoNiva begins reaping winter camelina in Volga region

News, Monday, 01 August 2022

EkoNiva begins reaping winter camelina in Volga region

EkoNiva Group, the most prominent milk producer in Russia, has got down to gathering winter camelina in the Volga region. Its enterprises based in Tatarstan were the first to start the harvesting campaign on July 25, then their colleagues from Bashkiria joined them on July 27, and eventually, Orenburg oblast was the last one to drive its machinery to the fields on July 31.

EkoNiva participates in Ryazan Field Day 2022

News, Tuesday, 26 July 2022

EkoNiva Group took part in Ryazan Field Day 2022, the 6th agricultural trade fair, on 22nd July. EkoNivaTekhnika-Holding presented novelties and time-tested machinery, while EkoNiva-Semena introduced the in-house varieties and pedigree cattle.

EkoNiva to increase seed delivery volumes to Kazakhstan

News, Monday, 18 July 2022

EkoNiva to increase seed delivery volumes to Kazakhstan

EkoNiva-Semena, a seed growing and plant breeding company within EkoNiva Group, annually participates in specialised industrial trade fairs in the Republic of Kazakhstan. On July 13-14, the company took part in Jana Dala/Green Day 2022 for the first time. Over 150 farming enterprises of the republic visited EkoNiva’s booth.

EkoNiva arranges an interregional seminar on crop farming

News, Thursday, 14 July 2022

The seminar has welcomed about 100 employees from 10 areas where EkoNiva operates, i.e., Moscow, Ryazan, Kaluga, Kursk, Voronezh oblasts and the Volga and Siberian regions. It was not only the interregional scale which made it stand out of the crowd but also the coalescence of professionals – apart from agronomists and plant breeders, the event was attended by regional directors, heads of operations, economists, engineers and HR specialists.